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Triple Moon: Honey Gold and Wild

An ancient ritual awakens dormant powers – and a tangled mystery.

Birdie, Morgana, and Odette are the three resident witches of Moonfell, the magical Gothic mansion that lies at the edge of Richmond Park in London. They are responsible for maintaining the centuries old magic that is woven deep in the roots of the estate.

When Morgana’s son and his cousin join them to celebrate Ostara, the three witches decide to honour the lore of the house and introduce them to the bees in the orchard.

However, the ritual triggers a chain of unexpected events, destroying the balance of power at Moonfell, and plunging the estate into chaos. Morgana’s son is at the heart of it. The arrival of spring unleashes latent magic, and confused and overwhelmed he turns to the grimoire of a long dead witch.

But the changes are even more catastrophic that they first realise. Birdie’s familiar vanishes, and frantic with worry she turns to their friends, the Storm Moon Shifters, to help find him.

It seems the labyrinthine passages of Moonfell hide secrets that even the witches didn’t know.

If you love witches, magic, a mix of present and past, all set within a glorious Gothic mansion and a mysterious garden, you will love the Moonfell Witches series.

Buy book one in the series now. Discover how Moonfell was gifted to the family in The First Yule, a yuletide novella.