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“This writer knows her magic.”

This is the new cover of my hardback edition, with new interior images.

Witchcraft, dark secrets, and demons. No one is safe in White Haven.

White Haven has a history of witchcraft, but the locals don’t know that there are five powerful witches living among them, and Avery is one of them.

When she receives an ominous premonition, a rune covered box, and an intriguing letter, all hinting at the mysterious past of her hometown, perched on the Cornish coast, Avery realises that the witches are missing a vital part of their history.

Five ancient grimoires.

When the annoying, but handsome, Alex Bonneville, shares the same premonition, they know that trouble’s coming. Reluctantly, Avery teams up with the coven to uncover the truth.

Unfortunately, someone is determined to stop them.

When quirky White Haven turns into a battleground of magic and demons, only the White Haven Witches can stop it.

Buried Magic is perfect for fans of paranormal mysteries who love witchcraft and magic, a slow-burn romance, humour, a gorgeous Cornish setting with lots of myths, and plenty of action. Join the coven and buy Buried Magic now!

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