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Midwinter Magic Hardback

Midwinter brings new enemies to White Haven.

Overnight, just before Yule, everything changes in White Haven. A huge snowstorm seals the town, and no one can leave or enter. The witches feel that nothing seems quite right – but they don’t know why.

For those that are trapped outside the town, the risks are all too real. There are inexplicable deaths, an unnatural amount of snow, fantastical ice sculptures, and a magical wall around White Haven.

Reuben, worried about El and his coven, turns to his friends for help – including the Nephilim. All of their investigations point to an unlikely enemy that sounds utterly unbelievable. Until they come face to face with him and are fighting for their lives.

Jack Frost has arrived, and he’s not alone.

But trapped in White Haven, things are far worse. The Winter Queen has determined that winter will last forever – and she will kill anyone who stands in her way.

Especially the White Haven witches.

Midwinter Magic delivers nonstop action, plenty of magic and witchcraft, all your favourite characters, and an icy Yuletide tale! If you love paranormal mysteries and urban fantasy, you’ll love this book!

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