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Spirit of the Fallen Audiobook

Narrated by the award winning Diana Croft. Available from retailers, subscription services, and libraries.

Shadow, a deadly fey warrior with little patience for mortals, ends up stranded in White Haven after her ride with the Wild Hunt ends in disaster.

Gabe is one of seven Nephilim, newly arrived from the spirit world where they have been trapped for millennia. He has a violent history that haunts him, and a father he wants answers from—if he ever finds him.

They all have skills that mere mortals don’t—superior strength, agility, speed, and dubious morals that give them flexibility in their work.

Harlan Beckett, a collector for The Orphic Guild, an organisation that searches for magical and occult goods for a high price, is always looking for hunters, and their mysterious founder has more than a passing interest in the Nephilim.

Harlan’s client has discovered a tomb that promises untold treasures. The only problem? He can’t get past the magic that seals it.

Cue Shadow, Gabe, and the team. The trouble is, there’s more in the tomb than they expected, and soon the hunters become the hunted.

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