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The First Yule Audiobook

Narrated by the award winning Diana Croft!

Moonlight and mystery combine for a magical Yuletide.

Witches have been living at Moonfell, the sprawling Gothic mansion in London, for five hundred years. The house and gardens are steeped in magic, and at every Yule the family gathers to reinforce the protection spells on the house.

But this year is different.

When one of the witches starts seeing visions through the moon gates, they realise that other spells are awakening. It seems the first witch has left them a gift – if they can unlock the magic to find it.

The First Yule is an enchanting novella, the first book in the new Moonfell Witches series by TJ Green.

If you love witch fiction, paranormal mysteries, and fantastic characters set in a mysterious and magical house, you will love this series. 

Listen to a sample: