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Beansprout, my fantastic heroine!

Tom's Arthurian Legacy

Introducing Beansprout

Beansprout is one of my favourite characters. She’s Tom’s 14 year old cousin, and we meet her at the beginning of Tom’s Inheritance, when she helps Tom search for his granddad and ends up in the Other with him. In fact it’s Beansprout’s curiosity that mean they cross to the Other in the first place. Her real name is Rebecca, but she’s never called that, instead called Beansprout on account of her lean and lanky frame, and her pale red hair.

Beansprout loves the Other, and is excited to learn all about it and the fey who live there. Consequently she gets frustrated with Tom who finds the whole experience underwhelming at times. But she also knows Tom well, and always manages to pull him out of his moments!

She’s brave, resourceful, kind and funny, and her character grows and changes as they journey through the Other. For her, the Other is a place of wonder. When Tom wants to go home, she wants to stay.

In Twice Born, Beansprout becomes interested in magic, and is impressed with Nimue’s powers. She helps Nerian, a shaman, to resurrect Merlin, and is amazed by the feeling that magic gives her. By the end of Twice Born she’s decided on a new path.

In book three there’s a lot more happening for Beansprout, and I’m enjoying developing her character even more. I’m still working on a title for the new book, but it will be released in February 2018.

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Next week I’ll talk about Woodsmoke, Tom’s hunter friend from the Other.

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