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Woodsmoke –

Tom's very cool hunter friend in the Other

Introducing Woodsmoke

The first person, or fey, that Tom meets, is Woodsmoke. He’s the grandson of Fahey who Tom’s grandfather, Jack, disappears with. He travels to Tom’s Earth, to deliver a message from Jack, because he knows Tom will be worried, but things don’t quite go to plan, and Tom and Beansprout end up travelling back to the Other with him. It’s Woodsmoke who tells them about the Other.

Woodsmoke is a few hundred years old, but in fey terms, that’s quite young, so to Tom he seems only a few years older than him. He becomes a good friend, but he’s also like a brother. He relies on Woodsmoke for his opinion, and good judgement – and for a good laugh!

I called him Woodsmoke because he’s a hunter and tracker, able to move quickly and silently, with excellent hunting skills. He teaches Tom how to use a bow and arrow, and how to gut and skin animals.

Woodsmoke feels very responsible for Tom and Beansprout, and consequently feels he needs to protect them. In the first book, Tom’s Inheritance, he spends his time regretting he’d let them stay, and then towards the end, doesn’t really want Tom to go.

In Twice Born Woodsmoke has developed a close friendship with Arthur, but that becomes threatened when Arthur becomes reckless in his search for Merlin. While Arthur presumes himself the natural leader, Woodsmoke isn’t afraid to challenge him if he thinks he’s wrong, and while Arthur doesn’t like it, he respects him for it – eventually.

I’m now writing book 3, and Woodsmoke and Tom are closer than ever. They find out the history behind Galatine, Tom’s sword that used to be Gawain’s, and it turns out to be a very dark story indeed, plunging them into another adventure.

If you’d like to read Tom’s Inheritance for free, download here. Twice Born, the sequel is available on Amazon for $0.99 throughout August, and very soon will be on other retailers.

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