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Why I have a subscription service, and why you should follow me there.

I know I’ve talked about Ream before, and some of you are following me there, or have subscribed – thank you – but I wanted to share my reasons behind starting my subscription.

In a world of ever increasing numbers of books, authors, and AI generated content, the need to stand out and offer real value is becoming more and more important. I certainly play with AI generated art, I’m very open about that. It’s amazing what these programs can achieve, and I certainly support that artists should be fully recompensed for helping train these models. I do not, however, use AI for writing. I love it too much, and enjoy the researching side of my writing too. I also pay for human narration of my audiobooks. It’s expensive, but real narrators are wonderful, especially mine! So, starting my own Ream subscription was a way of making another connection with my readers and offering something special. I really love hearing from all of you.

I chose Ream because it is specific to authors. I can upload my books and choose what tiers can access them. Some chapters are free to everyone, some tiers get the entire book. I explain it all in the tier descriptions. I also offer signed paperbacks, hardbacks, and merchandise, access to my current Work-in-Progress, and early access to new releases which includes audiobooks. If you’re a fan, and want to support me, this is a great way to do it, and get extras!

Or you can follow me for free, and I strongly suggest you do so. That’s because I will be posting a lot more content on there. It will be a mix of a Facebook group and places like Slack or Discord. And I have a Discord group, but depending on the advances Ream makes with their Community Page function, it might not be needed. I’m mulling that one over.

I will be adding posts about myths and legends that feature in my books, and also rituals, witchcraft, spells, and plant magic. It’s a popular request, and seeing as most of my readers are witches and pagans, it makes sense. I’m very excited about both of these latest additions to my subscription. Some of these will be free to followers, some will be to paid tiers.

The trouble with Facebook and many other social media platforms, is that visibility is dropping unless you pay to promote, so I know that many people who follow me there won’t see my posts, even in my FB group, TJ’s Inner Circle. Every post I make on Ream will end up in your email box, so you won’t miss anything!

Subscriptions have been around for a long time, but are becoming more popular. I certainly subscribe to a few, and have been inspired by what I’m reading from creators. I follow quite a few witchy and mythological pages on Substack, and think they post wonderful things.

To that end I have a Promo Code that gifts you two free months of my Arthurian Adventurer tier, and also have other Ream subscriptions that you might want to look into. They are all Urban Fantasy writers, and they are all offering free months or free short stories. This swap is open for all of April, so I will share it again.

See the Urban Fantasy Subscription Swap here.

Visit TJ’s Happenstance Book Club. Use the code README on the Arthurian Adventurer tier, or follow me.

I really hope to see lots of you there. Thanks in advance!



    I really enjoyed reading and sharing the adventure of Brotherhood of the Fallen.What a final to a great series and to see the nephilim and Shadow and all their friends reach a new future in their lives. Great ending to a great series by a great author T. J. Green.

    1. TJ Green says:

      Thanks Robert, I so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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